102 MANAGEMENT REPORT CONSOLIDATED TREND As a rule, the Group is horizontally structured. The hospital companies are organised in the form of legally independent corporations which have their registered office at the respective facility sites and are managed as direct subsidiaries of RHÖN-KLINI- KUM AG (ultimate Group parent company). The ul- timate Group parent company has its registered of- fice in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, Federal Republic of Germany. The hospitals of the MEDIGREIF group are operated indirectly through an interposed company. In addition to the hospitals at parent company headquarters in Bad Neustadt, other major sites are our medical science centres in Gießen, Marburg and Leipzig as well as the hospital sites having a su- praregional catchment area in Bad Berka, Frankfurt (Oder), Hildesheim, Karlsruhe, Munich, Pforzheim and Wiesbaden. The MVZ companies are subsidiaries of a hospital company based in Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale, which is authorised to provide services within the mean- ing of German legislation applicable to doctors ac- credited by statutory health insurance bodies. For the service companies, the ultimate Group par- ent functions directly as shareholder. Compared with the previous year, the following sites underwent changes in bed capacities: Hospitals Beds As at 1 January 2009 48 14,828 MEDIGREIF group with sites in Burg, Boizenburg, Zerbst, Oschersleben, Vogelsang-Gommern 5 842 53 15,670 Changes in approved beds at long-standing hospitals 59 As at 31 December 2009 53 15,729 As at 31 December 2009 our consolidated financial statement included 53 hospitals with 15,729 beds/ places at a total of 42 sites in ten federal states. Only a minor change of 59 in acute inpatient ap- proved beds, in line with the requirement budgets in the individual federal states, was recorded in finan- cial year 2009. We acquired the MEDIGREIF group, consisting of five basic-care hospitals with a total of 842 approved beds and two MVZ companies with six physician practices as well as a service company, on 31 De- cember 2009 and included it in our consolidated fi- nancial statement on the same date. Approved beds/ places Change 2009 2008 absolute % Inpatient capacities acute hospitals 14,131 13,249 882 6.7 rehabilitation hospitals and other inpatient facilities 1,238 1,238 0 0.0 15,369 14,487 882 6.1 Day-case and day- clinical capacities 360 341 19 5.6 Total 15,729 14,828 901 6.1 Our available capacities in the acute-care area (ap- proved beds and places) increased on a yearly av- erage by roughly 1.5%. Based on the rise in patient treatments by roughly 5.2% and a shortening in the duration of stay by 0.2 days to 6.8 days, the average occupancy rate of our acute capacities increased slightly from 82.1% to 82.6% over the year. Capacity in the rehabilitation and other areas re- mained flat compared with the previous year at 1,238 beds. Occupancy in the rehabilitation and oth- er areas averaged 86.8% (previous year: 87.3%) with an average duration of stay of 40.4 days (previous year: 32.3 days). By 31 December 2009 we had opened or acquired a total of 26 medical care centres (MVZs) Group-wide with a total of 98 specialist doctor's practices at or near our hospital sites. Date MVZs Practices As at 1 January 2009 20 70 Opened in Nienburg 1 January 2009 1 2 Opened in Wittingen 1 July 2009 1 2 Opened in Herzberg 1 October 2009 1 2 Opened in Cuxhaven 1 October 2009 1 3 Acquisition of MEDIGREIF group 31 December 2009 2 6 Extension at already existing MVZs ­ 13 As at 31 December 2009 26 98
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