80 MANAGEMENT REPORT SUMMARY In financial year 2009, the year that witnessed the most serious economic recession in the period following World War II, RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG forged ahead with the further expansion of its medical of- fering within the hospital network. Service volumes, revenues and earnings once again reached record levels. Our business model has again proven itself crisis-proof and stable. Revenues of 2.32 billion and a net consolidated profit of 131.7 million fully met our expectations. With the capital increase bringing in proceeds of roughly 460 million, we have taken a major step to- wards realising our goal of offering generalised, high- quality and affordable healthcare for everyone. We are financially and organisationally poised for a new growth phase, and will invest in both inpatient and outpatient structures. In 2009 we invested 414.4 million from company funds in expanding our hospitals and in new medical equipment, as well as in acquiring further hospital sites. Our hospitals are equipped to take on the challenges of the future arising from the expected demographically induced rise in patient numbers at both a quantitatively as well as a qualitatively high level. On 31 December 2009, we acquired the MEDIGREIF group consisting of five basic- and specialist-care hospitals with a total of 842 approved beds and two medical care centre (MVZ) companies with six spe- cialist physician practices as well as a service com- pany. We also forged ahead with the expansion of our outpatient structures. In financial year 2009, we opened medical care centres (MVZs) with nine spe- cialist physician practices at four hospital sites. We expanded already existing MVZs by a total of 13 spe- cialist physician practices. Our 53 (previous year: 48) Group hospitals with a total of 15,729 beds (previous year: 14,828) as well as our 26 MVZs (previous year: 20) with a total of 98 (previous year: 70) specialist physician practices treated a total of 1,799,939 patients (+9.2%) in finan- cial year 2009; of these, 603,987 (+5.2%) were treat- ed on an acute inpatient basis, 974,312 (+5.0%) as outpatients and 9,713 (­1.5%) in the rehab and other areas. In our MVZs we treated 211,927 (+55.6%) pa- tients. Excluding the hospitals consolidated in 2009 for the first time (Nordenham) and for the first time on a full-year basis (Warburg), we recorded an in- MANAGEMENT REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2009 The many years of uninterrupted growth in patient treatments is proof of the trust in our medical services. With growth in revenues of 8.9% and in earnings of 7.4% in 2009, we demonstrate the sustainability of our growth course also in time of crisis. With the capital increase of roughly 460 million, we have laid the foundation for a further expansion in our healthcare offering based on integration between medical disciplines, facilities and healthcare sectors. In 2009 we invested roughly 414 million of company funds in the expansion of our care network, demonstrating our investment capacity and innovative strength.
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