74 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE TRADITION AND TRANSPARENCY Effective environmental management is a tradition at RHÖN-KLINIKUM Group ­ we have viewed it as form- ing an integral part of our core business for many years. We are convinced that only a comprehensive approach makes sense in this area, which is why our commitment is not limited to specific measures in areas like energy and emissions but also encom- passes responsibility for water, materials and safety for the environment and our employees. For this pur- pose we have presented a Group-wide environmental report each year since 1996. Once again, we additionally include in the Annual Re- port a more detailed overview of our environmental management to illustrate the high significance at- tached to the subject of the environment and energy as part of our corporate responsibility. At the same time we thereby emphasise just how closely related ecology and economy are. Efficient energy supply not only makes ecological sense ­ it also pays off in economic terms. For more detailed information on environmental management at our individual Group hospitals, visit our website at www.rhoen-klinikum-ag.com. OUR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT In keeping with our decentralised corporate struc- ture, environmental management is firmly estab- lished Group-wide at two levels. Locally, at the indi- vidual hospital, it is the responsibility of the technical control department to implement the hospital-related measures. It not only monitors the safe operation of all technical and medical-technical equipment and systems but also construction projects, assumes the task of energy controlling as well as equipment and commissioning planning. The hospitals are assisted and co-ordinated at the Group level by the department Technical Controlling/ Environment which reports directly to the chairman of the Board of Management. Its main tasks include Group-wide energy and emissions controlling, regular training of the responsible staff on site, and organis- ing a quick and effective exchange of knowledge and experience in this field between the hospitals. Anoth- er important duty is integrating recent Group subsid- iaries in order for environmental and energy stand- ards to be introduced swiftly at the new hospitals, or also for long-standing hospitals to benefit from local innovations and good ideas. HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT As a modern healthcare service provider, we settle for nothing less than the highest standards in the quality of our medical care. In exactly the same way, we would like to be measured by the sustainability of our activities ­ both economically and ethically. For us, conserving the environment is an important starting point for healthcare provision, and therefore is a self-evident part of our business activity. Michael Böckmann, Pirna " I would prefer the hospital in Pirna because of the modern new building. "
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