68 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Modern medicine is driven by innovation in diagnos- tics and treatment. If we want to make new proce- dures available to our patients as quickly as pos- sible, we have to ensure close interaction between research and teaching on the one hand and patient care on the other. Under RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG, we build the bridge between these two key elements that are so important for the quality and sustainabil- ity of medical care. Within its large medical network the Group is the only healthcare provider in Germany offering its pa- tients a scope of care spanning all care levels. Within the Group, doctors from the intermediate- and spe- cialised-care facilities as well as basic- and standard- care hospitals have direct access to university medi- cal research and teaching, i.e. to medical innovation. This enables us to significantly shorten the time and path from the scientific invention to its deployment in day-to-day clinical practice. We have long taken advantage of this promising in- novation and performance chain. For more than 15 years, the cardiac hospital (Herzzentrum) of the Uni- versity of Leipzig has been part of our healthcare network. For four years this network has also includ- ed the university hospitals Gießen and Marburg. The permanent dialogue of our specialists at the universi- ties and in our hospitals enables us to put the latest medical knowledge to work at the hospital within a short time. In this way the high innovation potential of the research activities at our university hospitals directly benefits patients within the entire care net- work. For all our keenness in quickly putting scientific find- ings into practice, one principle always has to be borne in mind: for us, the freedom that cutting-edge scientific work needs is inviolable. The independence of research and teaching must be preserved. It is only by ensuring medical independence and freedom of choice in therapy as well as the constitutionally guar- anteed freedom of medical research and teaching that the ground can be prepared for sustained cutting- edge scientific achievements and sustained high- quality medical care. It is exactly this medical quality that has been vital to our tremendous success as an innovative healthcare service provider for many decades. CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH AT UNIVERSITY Our approach was and continues to consist in strengthening strategic partnerships between excel- lent science and modern, private hospital manage- ment. In this way we create the best-possible basis for cutting-edge research on the one hand and good patient care on the other. The example of Herzzen- trum shows what positive effects result from the interaction between excellent research and patient- oriented healthcare provision based on optimised clinical processes. SCIENTIFIC DIALOGUE AS THE ENGINE OF SUSTAINED CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT Jeannette Hohlfeld, Pirna "Medical care is very important for my four children and the rest of the family. The hospital in Pirna is really ideal for children. "
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