62 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE GOOD PROSPECTS: PROFESSIONAL ADVANCEMENT OF OUR STAFF Human resources development is gaining increas- ing importance in the hospital sector. Qualified specialists and executive staff make a decisive con- tribution towards giving our patients access to the best-possible medical care. Offering state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment also means continuously furthering the specialist knowledge and manage- ment expertise of our medical professionals. RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG has offered its employees ex- tensive qualification programmes for many years. The Company's growth and a host of innovations open up attractive prospects for our staff. When providing targeted higher-qualification as well as further and ongoing training measures we avail our- selves, among other things, of innovative tools such as skills labs or e-learning. A skills lab is a training centre in which doctors acquire practical skills. In a simulated environment they can learn even com- plicated operating procedures. We convey theoreti- cal curricula using, among other things, e-learning, i.e. conveying know-how using web-based training systems. TEACHING AND EDUCATION Within the RHÖN-KLINIKUM Group, great importance is attached to professional training since, firstly, the Group thereby fulfils an important socio-political mandate by giving young people a perspective. At the same time, sound training of our staff also secures our competitiveness in the long term. In 2009 the number of apprentices stood at 2,563, exceeding the previous year's level. At our facilities, staff were qualified in 17 different training fields. The HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT IN 2009 Having highly qualified and motivated staff is key to the success of our Company and each of our hospitals. For us it is absolutely essential to make investments in continuous training, higher-qualification and further training as well as the individual advancement of our employees. We achieve this using a combination of both proven and innovative approaches. The focus of our human resources work is on comprehensive skills management extending from training to development of executive employees. The Board of Management has underscored the high priority given to this area by adopting, at the end of 2009, further extensive measures for various staff groups from 2010 onwards. Peggy Leuschke, Pirna "I myself gave birth to my son (today two years old) at the hospital in Pirna and only have positive things to say. Very good care and they also answered the many questions I had. The doctors are extremely kind and were always ready to listen. "
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