28 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE For the financial year of RHÖN-KLINIKUM AG From 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009 REPORT OF THE SUPERVISORY BOARD Eugen Münch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board ONGOING DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE SUPERVISORY BOARD AND THE BOARD OF MANAGEMENT During financial year 2009 the Supervisory Board performed the duties incumbent on it by law and the Articles of Association, regularly advising the Board of Management on the direction of the Company as well as carefully and regularly supervising the Board of Management regarding the management of the Company. The Supervisory Board was involved in all decisions of signifi- cance for the Company directly and in good time. The Board of Management informed us regularly, through written and oral reports in a regular, timely and comprehensive manner, on all relevant aspects of corporate planning and strategic further development of the Group, on the development of transactions, the position of the Group including its risk position, as well as on risk management. We have kept ourselves informed of all major projects and developments as well as transactions of major significance. Where business performance deviated from the Company's plans and targets, this was discussed with us and plau- sibly explained by the Board of Management with reasons being stated for such deviations. The Board of Management co-ordinated with us the Group's strategic orientation. Based on the reports of the Board of Management we thoroughly discussed transactions of decisive importance for the Company in the competent committees and in the plenary meeting and, to the extent required by law and the Articles of Association, voted on the proposed resolutions of the Board of Manage- ment after careful and thorough review and consultation. In the case of pressing business transac- tions the Supervisory Board, to the extent required, adopted resolutions by written vote.
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