B PICTURES THE PICTURES OF THIS ANNUAL REPORT Integrating new hospitals into our healthcare network is a challenge we have been meeting for over 20 years and at the same time one of our core competences. We invite you to hear various local people as they give their views on the privatisation of our hospitals in Pirna and Herzberg. In this year's pictures we randomly questioned people from both locations on the privatisation and integration of the hospitals into the Group. Together with photographer Sylvia Willax from Munich, we embarked on a journey to Herzberg and Pirna. We took pictures of residents there who had the choice of answering the five follow- ing questions: How important is it for you to have local medical care and why? How do you find the healthcare offering in your region? Which hospital would you turn to in serious cases, and does that also apply for your relatives? In your area you have a privately run hospital. What was your attitude towards the privatisa- tion at that time and why? Has your opinion changed since the privatisation of the local hospital and why? Have you or one of your relatives already stayed at the local hospital and, if so, did you feel well there and how did you find the medical care received? In this Annual Report we present a selection of the answers given by local residents from Herz- berg and Pirna. We would like to thank all of them for their kind assistance.
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